Processing of seeds and husking of sunflowers

Our own storage

At our new location in Wangen-Schauwies we have a pallet warehouse for c. 1500 Euro pallets. In addition, a new silo plant has been built in which we are able to store up to 3000 tons of loose goods. We have a multitude of small silo cells in which we store an extremely wide variety of cleaned and processed seeds so that they can be subsequently further processed in the baked goods and food industry.

On-site processing and husking

The silo plant also offers the option of drying, cleaning and processing cereals and seeds. From January 2016 new equipment for husking and packaging of sunflowers will also be put into operation. The sunflower seeds will be packaged in 25g sacks or big bags. Seeds which are too small, are only partially husked or broken during processing will then be utilised in  our oil mill.

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