Organically-cultivated products

The terms ecological farming, organic farming or alternative farming denote the production of agricultural produce using the most environmentally-friendly production methods possible, taking into account knowledge from ecology and environmental protection. Organic farming avoids virtually all use of synthetic plant protection products, mineral fertilisers and genetic engineering, some of which are used extensively in some areas of conventional farming. 


  • Organic malting barley
  • Organic buckwheat
  • Organic spelt husked
  • Organic spelt in husk
  • Organic durum
  • Organic einkorn wheat husked         
  • Organic einkorn wheat in husk
  • Organic emmer wheat husked
  • Organic emmer wheat in husk
  • Organic feed barley
  • Organic feed wheat
  • Organic barley
  • Organic green spelt
  • Organic oats
  • Organic flint maize
  • Organic millet in husk
  • Organic brown millet husked
  • Organic yellow millet husked
  • Organic grain maize
  • Organic naked barley
  • Organic naked oats
  • Organic popcorn maize
  • Organic rice husked
  • Organic rice in husk
  • Organic rye
  • Organic barley in husk
  • Organic sorghum
  • Organic triticale
  • Organic wheat


  • Organic beluga lentils
  • Organic du Puy lentils
  • Organic feed soya beans toasted
  • Organic feed soya beans raw
  • Organic lupins, blue
  • Organic lupins, yellow
  • Organic green peas
  • Organic soya

Oil cakes

  • Organic apricot kernel cake
  • Organic borage cake
  • Organic thistle press cake
  • Organic peanut cake
  • Organic hazelnut cake
  • Organic jojoba cake
  • Organic pumpkin seed cake
  • Organic gold-of-pleasure press cake
  • Organic flax press cake
  • Organic almond cake
  • Organic rapeseed cake
  • Organic sesame cake
  • Organic soya expeller toasted
  • Organic soya cake
  • Organic sunflower cake
  • Organic walnut cake

Processed products

  • Organic buckwheat groats
  • Organic fine spelt flakes
  • Organic coarse spelt flakes
  • Organic spelt gluten
  • Organic durum semolina
  • Organic barley flakes
  • Organic coarse oat flakes
  • Organic fine oat flakes
  • Organic oat groats
  • Organic oatmeal
  • Organic oat bran
  • Organic millet flakes
  • Organic GNS pumpkin seeds
  • Organic shine skin pumpkin seeds
  • Organic corn gluten
  • Organic rye/wheat bran
  • Organic rye malt
  • Organic soya flour
  • Organic sunflower seeds bakery
  • Organic sunflower seeds chips
  • Organic sunflower seeds confectionery
  • Organic wheat gluten


  • Organic amaranth
  • Organic blue poppy seeds
  • Organic buckwheat
  • Organic thistle seeds
  • Organic hemp
  • Organic linseeds, brown
  • Organic linseeds, golden
  • Organic black cumin
  • Organic mustard seeds, brown
  • Organic mustard seeds, yellow
  • Organic sesame husked
  • Organic sesame natural


  • Organic thistle seeds
  • Organic gold-of-pleasure seeds
  • Organic poppy
  • Organic oil linseeds, brown
  • Organic oil linseeds, golden
  • Organic higholeic sunflower oil
  • Organic linoleic sunflower oil
  • Organic rapeseed
  • Organic sesame

Animal feed

  • Organic field beans
  • Organic peas
  • Organic feed peas
  • Organic feed barley
  • Organic feed maize
  • Organic feed wheat
  • Organic grass pellets
  • Organic grass meal pellets
  • Organic oats
  • Organic alfalfa pellets
  • Organic rye
  • Organic sunflower husk pellets
  • Organic sorghum
  • Organic triticale
  • Organic wheat bran pellets
  • Organic wheat bran


  • Organic feed oil
  • Organic virgin gold-of-pleasure oil
  • Organic virgin linseed oil
  • Organic deodorised rapeseed oil
  • Organic virgin rapeseed oil
  • Organic virgin sesame oil
  • Organic RDBW sesame oil cosmetics
  • Organic virgin higholeic sunflower oil
  • Organic RDBW higholeic sunflower oil
  • Organic RDBW higholeic sunflower oil cosmetics
  • Organic deodorised linoleic sunflower oil
  • Organic virgin linoleic sunflower oil
  • Organic RDBW linoleic sunflower oil

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